Blackwater Gulch Preview Rules Now Available!

Blackwater Gulch CoverIt’s finally here! After over a year of writing, revising, editing and balancing I am pleased to announce the first official and “finished” release of Blackwater Gulch.

It is currently available as a full color PDF. The file size is roughly 35 MB.

The ePub version is also available now. It’s “just the rules” in plain text, and meant for handheld devices, smartphones and tablets like Kindles or iPads.

Soon I’ll be adding a full color print-on-demand book that you can buy online.

Thanks to everyone who’s helped out with all the great feedback, playtesting, new ideas and more. This is just the beginning!

Any questions, feel free to comment below or email me at


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7 thoughts on “Blackwater Gulch Preview Rules Now Available!

  1. I just updated the rules again real quick. I just got a proof copy back from the printer, and there were some image and alignment issues. So I took the opportunity to do a couple of quick tweaks to this version too. No text changed, just images. So feel free to download it again if you want it to look a little prettier :)

  2. How do you arrange points for a gang? Is it a number of men you choose or do they have point allocated to them, like Warhammer for instance. also, what are their characteristics (Strenght, Quickness etc.) as a base? I mena, the rules says your leader has 20 points to spend adding to his characteristics… But added to what?

    • Hi Bo! Basically the way it works is, all of your gang members start with a 1 for all Attributes. Then, for any profession, they get +1 to whatever Attribute is listed, like Bounty Hunters will start with a Strength of 2. Then, you simply add points to whatever attributes you wish, so a Gang Leader has 20 points to spend raising his attributes however you wish. Professionals get 15 points and henchmen get 10. It’s not like Warhammer where everyone has the same stats, here you get to assign your points however you want to and make everyone unique.

  3. I’m liking the rules very much (not least because some of them are very similar to those I’ve designed for my own miniature skirmish game, Skrapyard so great minds must think alike).

    Going to get me some Black Scorpion chaps and throw down for a gunfight at my local club ASAP. I was thinking about trying to develop an SF mod for the game. Any thoughts?

    • Sure, feel free to email me if you have any ideas. My plan is to have the core mechanics for the game be more like a generic ruleset that works for a lot of different settings. Going over ideas in my head right now for a 50′s style sci fi game like old Buck Rogers/Flash Gordon kind of stuff. Or a fantasy setting based on magic instead of guns, with elves and leprechauns and stuff like that, but in a garden gnome kind of style instead of the same-old-tolkein-ripoff everyone else does :) But that’s a ways off…

      The last version of the game I actually had the rules separated into 2 pieces, one was a generic rulebook that went over flying and magic and all that stuff, and then Blackwater Gulch was a little expansion guide that had the professions, weapons and fluff. But, I figured it would be better to present each set of rules as one full book even if the core rules won’t really change.

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